MCIO 8X 74 Pin to GEN Z 2C 1 Meter Cable with Discrete Wires

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MCIO 8X 74 Pin to GEN Z 2C 1 Meter Cable with Discrete Wires

The MCIO 8X 74 Pin to GEN Z 2C 1 Meter Cable is a high-speed data transfer cable designed to connect an MCIO (Memory Controller Input/Output) device with an 8X 74-pin interface to a GEN Z (Gen-Z) device with a 2C interface. It is 1 meter in length. This cable facilitates efficient communication between the two devices, enabling rapid data exchange and synchronization. Its design ensures reliable connectivity and high-performance data transmission, making it suitable for various computing and data storage applications requiring fast and secure data transfer. 

 Micro SATA Cables Part# MCIO-2138-2C

MCIO 8X 74 Pin to GEN Z 2C 1 Meter Cable with Discrete Wires

The MCIO 8X 74 Pin to GEN Z 2C 1 Meter Cable finds application across various industries and use cases, including: Data Centers: Facilitating high-speed data communication between servers, storage systems, and networking equipment within data center environments. High-Performance Computing (HPC): Enabling fast interconnectivity between compute nodes, accelerators, and storage subsystems in HPC clusters and supercomputers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): Supporting data-intensive AI and ML workloads by enabling efficient data exchange between processing units, accelerators, and storage devices. Scientific Research: Facilitating collaborative research efforts by providing reliable connectivity between scientific instruments, data acquisition systems, and computational resources. Overall, the MCIO 8X 74 Pin to GEN Z 2C 1 Meter Cable offers a robust, high-performance interconnect solution tailored to the evolving needs of modern computing environments, where speed, reliability, and interoperability are paramount.

Micro SATA Cables Part# MCIO-2138-2C

More Information
Part # MCIO-2138-2C
Bar Code (UPC) 611851927271
Specifications Connector Types: MCIO 8X 74 Pin Connector: This connector type typically consists of 74 pins arranged in a specific configuration to enable high-speed data transfer. GEN Z 2C Connector: This connector type is specific to the GEN Z interface and is designed for high-speed data transfer as well. Length: The cable is 1 meter in length, providing flexibility in positioning devices while ensuring a reliable connection. Wire Composition: The cable likely consists of multiple wires within a protective sheath. Each wire is carefully designed to ensure signal integrity and minimize interference. Shielding: The cable may feature shielding to protect the transmitted signals from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), ensuring data integrity and reliability. Compatibility: MCIO 8X 74 Pin Interface: This cable is compatible with devices featuring the MCIO 8X 74 Pin interface, allowing seamless connection between such devices and systems. GEN Z 2C Interface: The cable facilitates connection to devices utilizing the GEN Z 2C interface, enabling interoperability between different systems or components. Data Transfer Rate: The cable is designed to support high-speed data transfer rates characteristic of both the MCIO 8X 74 Pin and GEN Z 2C interfaces, ensuring efficient communication between connected devices. Durability and Reliability: The cable is constructed using high-quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure durability and reliability even under demanding operating conditions. Connector Locking Mechanism: The connectors may feature a locking mechanism to securely hold them in place once connected, preventing accidental disconnection during operation. Compliance and Standards: The cable may comply with industry standards and regulations regarding electrical safety, emissions, and compatibility to ensure interoperability and safe operation within various systems and environments. Application: The cable serves as a crucial component in data centers, high-performance computing (HPC) environments, storage systems, or any other application requiring high-speed data transfer between devices utilizing the MCIO 8X 74 Pin and GEN Z 2C interfaces. Overall, the MCIO 8X 74 Pin to GEN Z 2C 1 Meter Cable provides a reliable and high-performance solution for interconnecting devices using different interfaces, enabling seamless communication and data transfer in various computing and storage environments.


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