PCIe x16 with ReDriver to SlimSAS 16i Add-In-Card PCIe 4.0

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SlimSAS 16i Add-In-Card PCIe 4.0 comes with a cable length of 50 cm. It offers built-in features like SMBus Switch(Address: 0x70), PCIe PERST# management etc.

PCIe x16 with ReDriver is compatible with different Part# SLM-2014-16BP, Part# SLM-2016-1M, and Part# SLM-2015-50 of Micro SATA Cables. The cable length of the unit is 50cm. The unit can be easily used with multiple OS without any additional driver. Its applications include Hareware accelerator, Desktop PC/motherboard, High performance computing, tower server, and rack server. The unit is feasible with Support SFF-9402 Rev1.1 and contains several built-in features such as SlimSAS 16i(SFF-8654) connector, SMBus I/O Expander(Address: 0x20), LED1 Green LED, SMBus Switch(Address: 0x70), PCIe 4.0 100MHz Clock 2-output Fanout buffers, ReDriver to enhance PCIe 4.0, and PERST# Bus Buffer.

More Information
Part # SLM-2013-PCIE
Bar Code (UPC) 611851926373

PCIe x16 with ReDriver to SlimSAS 16i Add-in-card PCIe 4.0

Features :

  • SlimSAS 16i(SFF-8654) to PCIe x16 Gen4 convert
  • Built-in SlimSAS 16i(SFF-8654) connector
  • Built-in ReDriver to extend PCIe 4.0, 16GT/s 16 lanes differential pair signals data link width.
  • The PCIe 16 lanes can be bifurcated into four x4 or two x8 link width to support different system topologies
  • Built-in PCIe 4.0 100MHz Clock 2-output Fanout buffers(Address: 0x6C) for two x4 to drive longer cable length. It may be buffered and fanned out to the SlimSAS 16i(SFF-8654) clock pin.
  • Built-in SMBus Switch(Address: 0x70) with Reset Funtion for SlimSAS 16i(SFF-8654) SMBus communication
  • Built-in SMBus I/O Expander(Address: 0x20) for OOB(out of band) management to remote SlimSAS 16i (SFF-8654) Reset signals.
  • Supports PCIe PERST# management to control SlimSAS 16i(SFF-8654) Reset signals. Built-in PERST# Bus Buffer to be used over longer cable length.
  • LED1 Green LED on indicates AIC 3.3V ready

Specifications :

  • PCI Express Base Specification Rev 4.0
  • PCIe_CEM_SPEC_R4_V1_0_08072019_NCB
  • Compliant with Support SFF-9402 Rev1.1

Operating System Support :

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 &8.1
  • Windows 10
  • UEFI 2.3.1 or later

Applications :

  • Rack server
  • Microserver and Tower server
  • High performance computing
  • Hareware accelerator
  • Storage Controller HBA(Host Bus Adapter)
  • Desktop PC/motherboard Operating system support Applications

Unit can be used with Micro SATA Cables Part#SLM-2014-16BP

SlimSAS 16i to PCIe x16 Slot Backplane (home host) PCIe 4.0

Unit can be used with Micro SATA Cables Part#SLM-2015-50

SlimSAS 16i to SlimSAS 16iPCIe Gen 4 Cable - 50cm

Unit can be used with Micro SATA Cables Part#SLM-2016-1M

SlimSAS 16i to SlimSAS 16i PCIe Gen 4 Cable - 1 Meter

Micro SATA Cables PN # SLM-2013-PCIE

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