RFID Enclosures

Active RFID tag enclosures are excellent applications for sonic assembly cases.  These units can lend themselves to assembly with integrated antennas or connector eliminating combinations.

We have extensive experience in the design, engineering, and manufacture of small packages for Active RFID packaging.  Whether you are developing custom products that require inexpensive simple plastic cases or a more complex assembly we have the experienced engineering staff to support you.


  • Package designs in as little as 3 weeks  
  • Standard plastic designs or multipart assemblies.  
  • Integrated antennas possible  
  • Variety of assembly methods including snap, screw or sonic welding for waterproofing 
  • Flexible & economical manufacturing in Taiwan or China


2 Standard Versions
  • Translucent for internal LED
  • Light gray that is opaque not allowing light to pass through
  • Overall Length 2.90"
  • Overall Width 1.378"
  • Overall Height 0.787"

Sample Gallery